• WEBSITE ONLINE: Welcome to the new website of QuitranNetwork. WE WISH YOU NICE TIMES!
author image by QuitranNetwork | March 26, 2019

Website Online:

Hi everyone !

Welcome to the new website of QuitranNetwork! We hope you like it.

I will give you a brief explanation about the possibilities:

Home page:

Here you wil find the latest news about QuitranNetwork. On the right side you can click on the “play” button, the Ip address of the server will automaticaly be placed into your clipboard, all you have to do is paste it into minecraft.
You will also find our discord group there, feel free to join!


This menu shows our game modes, later you will find here a short explanation about the gameplay of our game modes.


Here you will find the forum and groups.
What are groups you may ask: You can create a group and invite your friends.


Here you will find our staff team, you can also apply there to become a staff member.


Here you will find the people who have been banned, kicked, muted and warned from and on the server.


In the top of right, you can view and change your profile, you will also see functions such as messages, friends and more …


Will be coming soon.


Will be coming soon.

We wish you nice times and see you soon for more news! :wink:  



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